Week 5 - An Iconic Print April 28, 2014
You may be wondering what's the back story to the Susan Kare print we're giving away to one lucky winner. If her name isn't immediately recognizable, her work certainly is.
Facebook Ballot Posting Bug Fix April 24, 2014
A quick show of hands. Were you having trouble entering the contest via Facebook yesterday? Sorry about that. It's fixed now but read on to find out what was going on.
Week 4 Update April 21, 2014
We just surpassed 500 entries in our #ten4ten contest! Thanks everyone for playing along! You'll never guess what prize most are hoping to win.

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Facebook Ballot Posting Bug Fix

April 24, 2014 at 10:33 PM

Bugs. The arch nemesis of any web developer.

Turns out we had a bug lurking in the code that under certain conditions was causing Facebook ballot posting errors. This is either the most embarrassing thing, or an opportunity to shine. And so we did, fixing it in record time.

Now, in the world of software development, you can't pretend that bugs don't exists. Even the most sophisticated software engineers inadvertently introduce bugs that ultimately affect millions. (ie. the HeartBleed vulnerability).

If software hiccups are prevalent, and practically inevitable, why are we drawing attention to it? Wouldn't it make more sense to shove it under the carpet, and hope most don't notice? It was a inconsequential bug. It didn't affect more than a handful of people. There was no breach of privacy or security. Why even mention it?

Well, we see this as an opportunity to demonstrate the value we place on transparency in the software development cycle, and our willingness to be held accountable.

Thanks to those who reported the issue, and we do apologize for the inconvenience.  We do hope that you are enjoying the contest, and your chance to win some great "thank you" prizes.