How to Enter

In three simple steps, you'll be able to enter the contest:
  1. Register here
  2. Click the link in the email sent to verify your account (If you did not receive a confirmation email, click here to resend)
  3. Login and click the buttons to connect your account to Facebook and/or Twitter
Once you've connected your account to Facebook and/or Twitter, you'll be able to enter one ballot per day for each.

Why Facebook or Twitter?

Some have asked "Why does your contest require Facebook or Twitter to enter?"

Good news. It doesn't. :)

If you don't have Facebook or Twitter, you can still enter a ballot using the third "Email Ballot" option.

But, if you do connect your Facebook and/or Twitter account, you will receive up to three ballots a day.

Obviously, we want to get the word out about this contest, but connecting to Facebook and/or Twitter also allows us to accurately track the number of ballots you've submitted. It minimizes ballot stuffing and that's for all the "contesters" out there. This ensures that everyone has a fair chance at winning a prize. :)