Blue Jays WIN and so can you! May 22, 2014
With last nights 6-4 WIN over the Red Sox, the Blue Jays guarantee a series WIN at Fenway Park. Today, they play for the sweep! Get in on the winning and enter our #ten4ten contest. It's your chance to WIN a pair of Blue Jays vs Red Sox tickets!
Tune 4 Tune May 20, 2014
With only two weeks remain in your chance to win one of ten amazing prizes, like this $50 iTunes Gift Card, we ask the question, "What's the tune of your heart".
Week 5 - An Iconic Print April 28, 2014
You may be wondering what's the back story to the Susan Kare print we're giving away to one lucky winner. If her name isn't immediately recognizable, her work certainly is.

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Tune 4 Tune

May 20, 2014 at 10:23 AM
Stevie Wonder rightly says that "music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand". Music truly is the rosetta stone to the heart.

In the world of communication design, we orchestrate lines, images, fonts, shapes and colours, but it is only when the "tune" resonates with the heart that we are truly able to communicate.

Music bridges that gap between ideas and feelings and, as any designer will tell you, goes a long way to tuning your own heart, as you work, live and play.

Often the tune of your heart comes through in different areas of our lives, so in the spirit of #ten4ten, we challenge everyone to make beautiful music in all that you do. Possibly some new music from iTunes is just what the conductor ordered. :)