Facebook Ballot Posting Bug Fix April 24, 2014
A quick show of hands. Were you having trouble entering the contest via Facebook yesterday? Sorry about that. It's fixed now but read on to find out what was going on.
Week 4 Update April 21, 2014
We just surpassed 500 entries in our #ten4ten contest! Thanks everyone for playing along! You'll never guess what prize most are hoping to win.
Week Three April 11, 2014
Week three is underway and we have made a slight change to the ballot posting procedure, that you may or may not notice.

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Your ten week chance to win a 64GB iPad Air, and nine other amazing prizes!

Week 4 Update

April 21, 2014 at 9:58 AM
We're almost halfway through the ten weeks of our #ten4ten contest, and we just surpassed 500 entries!

Thanks for all the words of congratulations. It's fun to see everyone getting into the spirit, celebrating with us, and getting all those chances to win one of ten amazing prizes!

I was asking around to see which prize everyone was gunning for. The iPad Air of course was the most popular prize, but second to that, and I really shouldn't be surprised, is the $50 Cora's breakfast gift certificate! 

If you've never eaten at Cora's, you're missing out. We had a Cora's right around the corner from our offices until we moved, and it was a regular place to bring family, meet with clients and enjoy a hearty, fruity, old fashioned breakfast, with a modern twist.

And now I'm exceptionally hungry for a 1990's Harvest. :P