Week 4 Update April 21, 2014
We just surpassed 500 entries in our #ten4ten contest! Thanks everyone for playing along! You'll never guess what prize most are hoping to win.
Week Three April 11, 2014
Week three is underway and we have made a slight change to the ballot posting procedure, that you may or may not notice.
Week Two April 4, 2014
Week two saw the start of another @BlueJays season, and your chance to win two tickets to see the World Series Campion Boston Red Sox.

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Week Three

April 11, 2014 at 9:36 AM
To begin, if you haven't entered our #ten4ten contest yet, you've missed out on more than 40 chances to win one of ten great prizes. So what are you waiting for? :) Up to 147 chances can still be yours.

For those who have registered, and have been entering on a daily basis, with up to 3 chances each day, you'll notice a slight tweak to the ballot posting mechanism.

A quick explanation. Facebook and Twitter have some rules about contesting and spam, which we completely agree with. We want you to enter the contest often, but we recognize that spam-like posts, filled with marketing gibberish, is no fun for anyone. And that's precisely why we let you write your own ballots. You can say whatever you want. And we mean it. Twitter and Facebook are a great platform for sharing thoughts, and ideas, and we encourage you to do just that with each ballot you post.

So, what did we change?

Well, turns out, some have found it a lot easier to post a ballot without writing anything. :) This is understandable, but this starts to fill up your friends Facebook and Twitter feeds with what you and I would call spam. So, we added an extra validation step, which checks to see if you wrote anything as part of your ballot, in addition to the contest URL and #ten4ten hashtag.

We hope this doesn't prevent you from entering the contest, and we do hope that it generates some smiles, as you post ballots that don't add to the noise of this commercialized world we live in.

Use it as your opportunity to make someone laugh, to share a deep thought, or encourage a friend. It's up to you, but use it for good. :)