Week Three April 11, 2014
Week three is underway and we have made a slight change to the ballot posting procedure, that you may or may not notice.
Week Two April 4, 2014
Week two saw the start of another @BlueJays season, and your chance to win two tickets to see the World Series Campion Boston Red Sox.
Week One April 1, 2014
One week in to the contest means you only have 180 ballots left. That's the advantage of entering the contest early, and often. But use your ballots for good. Here's some tips on what that means.

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Week Two

April 4, 2014 at 10:11 AM
There's no hiding it. We are huge Toronto @BlueJays fans here at @ToggleMedia. On March 31, we embarked on another 162 games with the Blue Jays, hopes high, expectations... realistic. :)

Over the years, it's been the Blue Jays playing in the background, that got us through many an all-nighter. And without a doubt, we can't celebrate ten years of Toggle Media without Blue Jays tickets to giveaway.

Yes, we remember the glory days. But whether the Blue Jays win or lose, you'll find us cheering and jeering. Cheering for the Blue Jays and jeering the opposition. Especially if the opposition is John Farrell and the World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. 

As such, we've got two seats, down the third base line for the August 25th matchup between the Blue Jays and Red Sox, that are yours for the winning.

We hope you enjoy the game, and show your Blue Jays pride.